Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

Marketing a product can be one in so many ways and one of it is by the use of affiliate marketing. However, one of the common ways to do is by building a website. While some might think that one would need to have a website in order to do it, they are wrong. This is because it is very possible to engage in affiliate marketing without a website.

What are the ways to do it?

  • Post on blogs

Although this affiliate marketing without a website method might sound simple, it might not be. This is because there is a need to select the blogs where you would be posting or promoting your affiliate products carefully. With that being said, there is a need to look for blogs whose posts are somewhat related to your affiliate products. By doing so, you can ensure that the people who would be seeing your posts as well as affiliate link would be interested in it.

  • Write an ebook

While creating and publishing your book can be expensive, creating an ebook is not. Therefore, there is a need for you to take advantage of the power of the internet. However, as you are planning to do an affiliate marketing without a website, you should ensure that the ebook you would be creating is something that people would talk about and would like to share with other people.

  • Join online communities

Take time and exert an effort in surfing the internet about online communities that are related with the affiliate product that you are promoting. When you are done searching, join them and actively participate in the discussions. Whenever you are given the chance, post your affiliate link. However, make sure that before you do that, you have checked that the online community website really allows its members to post affiliate links.

  • Send e-mails

In this method of affiliate marketing without a website, you first need to draft a content regarding the product that you are promoting. Just like the other methods, you should do your own research and know the things that the people are interested in and make a content out of it. You need to keep in mind that people would likely click on an affiliate link if they think that they could benefit from it. Therefore, instead of making it look like you are advertising something, make it look like you are there to be of help to them.

  • Make use of various online platform

Social media sites and YouTube can be a great place to market products. This is because it is a known fact that many people consume a lot of time surfing such platform. Therefore, you should know how to take advantage of that. However, make sure that your posts or uploads would be interesting enough for your target audience for if not, it would all just be useless.

The things mentioned above shows that it is indeed very possible to do affiliate marketing without a website. Therefore,  it is not too late for you to join the growing number of affiliate marketers even though you do not have your own website.

Affiliate Marketing Basics You Should Know

Affiliate marketing 101 basics you should know to help you grow your online traffic to your websites.  You can watch over on YouTube here…

Are you struggling to get new sales, members and more traffic?

affiliate marketing basics

After reading this short blog post I’ll reveal 3 things to get more out of your marketing campaigns.

  1. Marketing 101  – The first thing you need to identify is your gr avatar. Who is your audience? Who is going to buy your products or join your team? What do they read? What are there hobbies? What sites to they hang out on?

When you know who your perfect customer is its’ easy to get them to your site and become a loyal subscriber.

2. Getting more traffic to your website is easy!  Now that you know who your target audience is all you have to do is choose  a medium on how to reach them. You can run Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Google ads, Bing ads or if you are on a tight budget you can learn really simple SEO to start driving as much traffic as you want. I’ll do another post if you want to learn SEO.

I was at an event in Austin Texas and talking with my mentor and he told me when I master traffic I can write my own paycheck.

So a quick overview of the affiliate marketing basics….

  1. Have a great product and offer!
  2. Now your target audience.
  3. Get people to see your offer

That’s it. It doesn’t have to be super complicated. There’s no crazy algorithium.

Focus on those 3 steps and take massive action.

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